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Learn to fly

If you ever stand on the balcony of a tall building or the edge of a steep cliff
And closed your eyes and imagine yourself spreading your Hands
And joining the birds and the clouds floating in the sky with a sense of perfect freedom?
Today with the wonders of technology and an experienced pilot
You can open your eyes and experience together with the birds
The feeling of perfect freedom.
Words and pictures can not describe the feeling.

Learn to fly:
powered paragliding flight is the easiest and simplest
(Some say that even the safest) way to fly Powered aircraft.


The course is divided into two parts:

The motorized paragliding course is divided into eight sessions:

The first meeting in the field, where you get to know the sport and the equipment.

The advantages / disadvantages and the right way to match the type of equipment to the pilot (which will be useful in choosing the right equipment later)
Then, there are two four-hour theory sessions, each in the classroom and another in the workshop. And another four sessions in the field for practical practice, both on the ground and in the air.
(The number of sessions depends on the student's learning ability).
Course location varies according to where most participants live
And weather conditions

You can do a forward Take off

You can Take off in reverse

paramotor Reverse launch
paramotor Reverse launch
Learn to fly paramotor

And up


Learning is possible from the age of 16


You can also learn with wheels

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